2019 is already knocking on the door – new year, new trends. At the end of the year, we asked the Serviceplan Group experts about their personal trends for 2019. What’s coming next alongside influencer marketing, new work and sustainability? The communication professionals give their verdict here. Happy reading!

Scrum, Kanban, design thinking, prototyping and collaboration are working styles and methods that have their origins in product design and software development. In recent years, they have found their way into the development of digital platforms, products and services. Now we are experiencing how they are beginning to change the way people work across communication agencies: in the future, communication strategies and communication campaigns and measures alike will be designed and planned more and more collaboratively – including in partnership with customers – in sprints.


This article is part of the Trends 2019 series of the Serviceplan Group.

In the search for the trends for 2018, everyone likes to look at his desk in a reflexive manner and describe the topics that can be found there.

I’m afraid that won’t last much longer. The long preached collaboration of all disciplines and perspectives will become a trend in 2018, and the practice will demand it. Open thinkers lead and combine offline, online, artificial intelligence and common sense into a strong commitment to brands and customers.

Collaboration in our understanding transcends all boundaries. Between departments, companies, customers, partners. It is a matter of close cooperation between people with different perspectives and skills, but with a common goal: to develop new, future-oriented solutions.

Undoubtedly, this will be a wonderful, inevitable feat of strength! And we will all have to stretch out to overcome the horizon of our own desks.