Entries by Stephan Kopp

The most relevant SEO News for July 2019

A glance at the used search systems reveals that the oldest user group communicates most often (approximately 57% of all group respondents) with Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. Around 28% of respondents in the youngest target group aged between 18 and 22 likewise prefer the Echo/Alexa family produced by the technology giant from Seattle. This suggests that the best way to reach these especially solvent and tech-savvy groups is to employ a combination of conventional voice-based SEO with structured data and product data automation, like Amazon SEO. Such a combination is something that many agencies on the German market have yet to offer.

The most relevant SEO News for June 2019

Google is capitalising on most of its traffic growth on its own websites and apps. This loss of potential visitors to third-party websites is currently being offset by Google’s steep overall growth, however. One of the major reasons for this development is that the search engine from Mountain View no longer differs all that much from its commercial competitors – the price comparison and shopping platforms – when it comes to certain structured search requests, such as for flights, hotels or cinema listings.

The most relevant SEO News for May 2019

Ahead of the elections to the European Parliament, intense discussions are underway concerning the increase in global conflicts and confrontations. The Internet also has a history of great confrontations. Whether or not the next war of platforms is looming between Amazon and Google, is a topic we will be discussing in SEO News for the month of May.

The most relevant SEO News for April 2019

Search machine optimisers are happy to label themselves as their customers’ caretaker. After all, SEOs stick their noses into almost all areas of the organisation and operation of digital assets such as websites or apps. Conscientious SEOs are not only required as strategic analysts, but also as nagging quibblers who are at some point confronted with security issues in addition to structural, content-related, and technical problems.

The most relevant SEO News for March 2019

New technologies, devices, and content formats are challenging search engine experts around the world at an ever-increasing rate — but now help is coming from an unexpected source. What little helper can we expect to see in future strategic development and day-to-day business?

The most relevant SEO News for February 2019

There can only be one search engine! This statement sounds like little diversity and transparency, but rather heavy monopoly, one-sidedness and dominance. But still it is reality that Google dominates the global search market without restrictions. Whether this will remain so in the long term depends not least on global competition.

The most relevant SEO news for January 2019

In the first SEO-News of the new year we deal with what makes life really exciting: contrasts and conflicts. We can reassure anyone who thinks that we would participate in the ongoing gender discussion within this framework. It remains with Search, more precisely the antagonism of reach vs. conversion, as well as the eternal struggle SEA vs. SEO.

The most relevant SEO News for December 2018

Christmas Day 2018 will see any number of brand-new voice assistants take their very first glimpse of the world. Plugged in to charge for the first time, their cameras will take in the cosy candlelight of the Christmas tree while their microphones pick up the voices of their future, human families. Find out which manufacturers are seeing this marketing dream become a reality, as well as how Bing is transforming itself in the world of assisted shopping, in the last SEO News of 2018.

The most relevant SEO News for November 2018

As Christmas trade slowly gathers pace, this year too it’s mainly prettily wrapped electronics that we can expect to see under German Christmas trees. November’s instalment of SEO News examines why we should keep a critical mind when it comes to technology, and also considers the possibility of Google’s homepage relaunch going awry.