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Be True To Yourself Throughout The Brand Experience

How do you empower a premium brand for the post-COVID world? And what are the challenges that lie ahead with regard to changing consumer behaviour and preferences? De’Longhi Global CMO Fabrizio Campanella on the right combination of short-term activity and long-term aspects, the art of successful international campaign coordination and the power of emotions. MATTHIAS […]


A Future Role of Technology in Customer Experience

Organisations have come to realise that, in an age where everything is available to everyone, customer centricity is key and experience has become the X factor. The focus is on technology, with artificially intelligent algorithms and new interfaces to meet the needs of the customer. But how can we ensure that we don’t “just digitise” and that people and their needs remain in the foreground? An analysis by customer centricity and artificial intelligence expert Nancy Rademaker.

So, what is a Project Manager HR Marketing doing?

In our new episode of Jobtitles Bingo, Laura Aquilecchia gives us insights about HR Marketing and how she communicates the employer brand in a big company like Serviceplan Group, tells us what the best thing is about her job and how somebody becomes a Project Manager in HR Marketing.


So, what is a PR & Content Consultant doing?

In our new episode Jobtitles Bingo, he gives us insights into the day-to-day work of a PR Consultant, tells us what the best thing about his job is, and describes what his work has to do with an enjoyable glass of wine. And how does somebody become a PR Consultant? He also tells us that!


So, what is a Unit Director Client Consultant doing?

Understanding the customer – wouldn’t we all like that? Nico Blößl has a few tips to share. As Unit Director Client Consulting & Planning at Mediaplus, he not only manages the communication issues of our clients, but also helps them get their messages to the right people in the right way, at the right time.