Stefan Schütte

Managing Partner, Serviceplan New York


Let yourself be enticed for just a moment. 

Perhaps you have made a comfortable life for yourself. Thinking about your pension. Your favourite TV show on Sundays. Parents’ evenings and taking your clothes to the charity shop. Perhaps earlier today you were in the doctor’s waiting room, mindlessly flipping through the pages of a magazine from last year. Perhaps you unexpectedly found yourself with some time. On the train home when you entered a network dead zone. Or when you were mowing the lawn or cleaning the stairs. When you missed out on rolls at the bakery around the corner or found that the supermarket had closed for the night. Perhaps you were even a bit annoyed. When your children’s teachers are always off sick. Or when the council shut down your local chip shop. Or when your neighbour had your car towed because they thought you had bumped into theirs.
When you were reading the cryptic statements from your tax consultant. Well, attempted to read. Or the development plan for your community. Or when you found out that your favourite hairdresser is fully booked for the next nine months.

But, if you also have a thirst for adventure: Get on board.

Rediscover your lust for life.
In a city that is breathtakingly different.
Where tedium is the exception, where life stories, origins and history don’t matter.
Except now you’re not just here for a few days, you’re not going to Broadway or to the Empire State Building. You’re here to work. You’re now one of the many choosing to start their life over.
You find inspiration in the optimism, the victories and the fighting spirit of those who have left their country to reinvent themselves here in New York. No more moaning, no more “I don’t feel like it today”, no more procrastination.

Instead, make a new start and discover high-level competition, but with a feeling of solidarity with your competitors. A bit like the Olympics when the athletes hug each other after a hard run. When your personal achievement benefits from its surroundings. When you broaden your horizons, expand your personal radar further than ever and shift your focus forwards instead of backwards. When you embrace new experiences and are stimulated by diversity.
Then you’ll know that you’ve arrived in New York.

Not that everything is better here.
But with each passing day, you will get better.

Things will get easier and you will go the extra mile.
Next time, between the monotony of tea and biscuits, politics and your cleaning routine, take the plunge instead: New York it!!!

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