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New York it!

Perhaps you have made a comfortable life for yourself. Thinking about your pension. Your favourite TV show on Sundays. Parents’ evenings and taking your clothes to the charity shop. Perhaps earlier today you were in the doctor’s waiting room, mindlessly flipping through the pages of a magazine from last year. Perhaps you unexpectedly found yourself with some time. On the train home when you entered a network dead zone. Or when you were mowing the lawn or cleaning the stairs. When you missed out on rolls at the bakery around the corner or found that the supermarket had closed for the night.


More than digital only, sales only and pure buzzwords

Beyond bullshit: Results instead of buzzwords, more substance in campaigns, correct evaluation criteria instead of feelings. Real, clearly trackable progress on the way through the funnel. Beyond digital only: The longing for real feelings, real contact, real scents. Brand experience in the sense of ultimate moments with a brand (see also “The Power of Moments: […]

What Makes a Good Manager?

Focus is the key to managing any business What makes a really good manager? Focus. Defining what that means, however, is difficult. Ringing telephones, mails, Whatsapp, feeds, tweets, zealous assistants, hurried colleagues, following up on past meetings and preparing for future ones, purchasing, stock exchange, customer evaluations, weather reports, dripping tap, slow Internet connections… Halli […]