Data-based marketing is the wave on which marketing and communication professionals, technology providers and agencies are riding and talking to each other. Due to people’s constantly changing, digitising media consumption, target groups have to be profiled more precisely.

They have to be addressed in the right time window and environment in a needs-oriented manner and converted to customers as efficiently as possible.
The plan is good and right. And at best, it ends the unnecessary media channel discussions between “classic” vs.”digital” supporters.

However, companies and their communication service providers must first of all face the challenge of being able to adequately meet these channel-neutral requirements.

My trend for 2018 is therefore to look at data-based marketing from a new perspective: Many marketing decision-makers should aim for and initiate a strategic change of direction towards new data-based marketing compared to the tried and tested.

In this way, we can generate data for you, process it in a meaningful way, and then control needs-oriented content at the right time and in the right place.