Winfried Bergmann

Head of Human Resources, Serviceplan Group


First of all, it bodes well for the communications agency business model when larger numbers of vacancies are announced across the board. On the other hand, we also need to find the colleagues we are looking for and that is currently a problem for many agencies. None of us operating under the traditional designation of ‘agency’ have so far succeeded in conveying to the outside world that the new digital and media career paths of which there are so many can also be followed in agencies. Nor that most of them even originated in agencies. Frequently, we don’t even appear on the radar of young digital natives, who prefer to look towards internet companies and start-ups.
Just the word ‘agency’ brings an analogue image of the traditional advertising business to the minds of many people. That has not reflected the real situation for a long time. We are simply not saying that sufficiently clearly

Although there are enough opportunities to do so. University marketing is one of the most efficient. It is never too early to allow potential colleagues to share in our business and to inform them about the abilities and significance of communications agencies today. If a large agency is not maintaining an active partnership with at least 10 universities, it should come as no surprise if it never finds the staff it is looking for. Sporadic presentations and attendances at trade fairs are not, however, enough. Agency days and working groups looking at real customer cases are the way to go. Collaborating with the universities means more work, but it yields a great deal and not only job applications. We also get a lot of feedback and an outsider’s view from those who really drive us forward – our future colleagues. They know that agencies can still be places full of inspiration where you can fully commit to your career.

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