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My trend 2019: New Work? Stop Buzzwording!

Of the verbal gems that turned up in the communication sector in 2018, ‘new work’ was one of the shiniest. No event and no convention passed by without evoking the concept of new work and its associated agile techniques. Across the country, countless self-proclaimed prophets and sometimes shamanic change consultants heralded the end of all work days.

Transparency 3.0

The Panama Papers and Paradise Papers were just the beginning: next year we will once again see that no one is left with anything hidden. The interaction between data agglomeration and social networks will gradually make whistleblowers and flesh-and-blood spies superfluous. And this prediction does not even take into account the future possibilities of AI […]

Job market for advertisers: Just looking is not enough

First of all, it bodes well for the communications agency business model when larger numbers of vacancies are announced across the board. On the other hand, we also need to find the colleagues we are looking for and that is currently a problem for many agencies. None of us operating under the traditional designation of […]