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The Journey From Deterministic To Probabilistic Marketing

For years, brands & marketers have been using 3rd party cookies & tracking pixels to track website visitors, improve the user experience, and collect data that helped them target ads to the right audiences. However, now this is going to change forever. Digital tracking capabilities are more restricted than ever. Third party cookies are already redundant on browsers like Safari (iOS devices) as well as Firefox and now Chrome will discontinue supporting them from 2023. All apps on iOS require a consent from the user to be able to track / monitor them.


The Future of Brick & Mortar Stores

By Pooja Suvarna, Digital Marketing Manager at Serviceplan Group Middle The growth in e-commerce in the recent two years has been exponential, we have seen the Pandemic as a wake-up call for many brands to speed up their e-commerce plans and activate their digital stores to ensure that they do not miss out on the […]