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Unlock the potential of AI in Digital Media

Pooja Suvarna, Digital Media Manager at Mediaplus Middle East AI (Artificial Intelligence) has come long way from deep learning by major advanced computer to image classification, to Chatbot. In recent years AI has been commonly used by people due to easy access and it is proven that AI can help us in lot ways from […]

This was created with the Help of Ai.

Karim Mroueh, Digital and Social Lead at Serviceplan Group Middle East As we progress in the technological innovation, we should consider the enormous changes artificial intelligence is bring to our life. I have been following an interesting trend in AI development that is based on the characteristic of humans: there is a certain amount of […]


Gaming as a communication channel

Charbel Jreijri, general manager at Mediaplus Middle East, evaluates how brands can effectively leverage the emerging trend of gaming as a marketing channel. From the first ad ever recorded to modern day advertising, the common denominator has always been the same. Marketers across all industries have the same objective: reach their customers and grab their […]



By Abdalla Yousef, Senior Account Manager, Serviceplan Experience In the age of constant communication, brands are no longer expected to remain silent on issues outside of their perceived scope of expertise. Many of today’s most successful brands take a stand on topics ranging from global warming to political conflicts.  Look at Nike’s “Dream Crazy” advert […]



‘Carpenter.’ That was my genuine, enthusiastic answer to the classic question that every elementary school student is asked, but it was always met by laughter from the teacher, as if I was telling a joke. I went home to my mom, who explained how the profession I chose was unsuitable for women, and only men could do such work.

The Journey From Deterministic To Probabilistic Marketing

For years, brands & marketers have been using 3rd party cookies & tracking pixels to track website visitors, improve the user experience, and collect data that helped them target ads to the right audiences. However, now this is going to change forever. Digital tracking capabilities are more restricted than ever. Third party cookies are already redundant on browsers like Safari (iOS devices) as well as Firefox and now Chrome will discontinue supporting them from 2023. All apps on iOS require a consent from the user to be able to track / monitor them.