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Developments of various retail formats

Large brands will continue to strengthen direct contact with consumers through their own retail formats or shop-in-shop concepts in city centres. The IKEA restaurant in a city centre location is one example. Successful Internet companies are becoming physically tangible with their own branding stores such as Mymuesli, Zalando or Westwing. As such, linking with digital […]

Retail has to act – now

Das Internet allein ist nicht mehr zukunftstauglich. Omnichannel-Shopping ist angesagt – Einkaufen auf allen virtuellen und analogen Kanälen. Doch nur die wenigsten Händler haben dafür einen Plan.

Brands, power and myths

Donald Trump is a complete failure. Above all when it comes to marketing. He is a textbook example of what not to do. He should have known better. Donald Trump – oh dear, not him again. On this side of the Atlantic, we don’t want to see, read or hear any more about the presidential […]


Three new routes to brand management

When brands become communicative self-starters without classic advertising. Tesla, MyMüsli or Westwing have shown us how it’s done At one time, the advertising world was highly predictable. Three things formed the pillars of plannable marketing success: a big budget, extensive reach and clear positioning. This classic mix is certainly not outdated if someone wants to […]