Because we are asked this question and similar ones so often, we launched our company presence on with 8 video stories on Thursday.

whatchado is an online recruitment fair, where colleagues talk about their job, career and business in short videos. Various industries are presented to school and university leavers, as well as career entrants, and they are given insights into different fields and disciplines.

Two simple reasons why Serviceplan Group is using whatchado:

  1. We want to demonstrate all the possibilities and perspectives in a big advertising agency through all of the various job profiles in order to inform and enlighten those starting their career. Which school leaver knows exactly what they should do upon finishing school, when they only have the vague idea ‘something to do with media and people’?
    whatchado also offers insight for parents and teachers into unknown chances for development and sectors which lie outside of their own personal experience.
  2. We want to support our recruitment team in finding motivated and communicative colleagues. In short, people who have realistic expectations of life in an agency and who are willing to contribute.

Sho Tatai, junior recruiter at Serviceplan in Munich, gets straight to the point: “Why whatchado? Because it represents a relevant solution for career entrants. In my opinion interest is one of the factors for success for entry into professional life. whatchado addresses this through authentic insights into various job profiles. The job description therefore takes on a face and a character.”

Winnie Bergmann, head of human resources Serviceplan Group, gives more reasons for our involvement: “As the first big advertising agency on whatchado, we are getting involved because we want to highlight that agencies are still offering the most exciting jobs in the field of communication. It isn’t internet services and service providers where these new jobs originate, but rather agencies working as an intergrated whole. Career entrants often don’t realise that and whatchado is a great platform to broadcast this information
Another reason we are involved with whatchado is because we know that in the future we will rely more and more on colleagues joining us straight after finishing school who will study alongside their work. We have an appropriate institute of higher education right next door to us, the ‘mind’ academy, run by Steinbeis University.”

“I am really happy about the support and cooperation with all my colleagues from different agencies. We had a great day and made some really nice videos. And that was partly in difficult conditions: Basma for example had to deal with a streaker behind her, and Sebastian appeared in the videos despite having had next to no sleep the night before and had a big customer presentation straight after filming. Another big thank you.” Nina Stechl from HR Marketing summarises the day of filming.

All videos can be found on whatchado and all job openings can be found on our careers portal.

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