Throughout the world, France is known for its luxury industry, Zinedine Zidane and its culinary art. Who says wine, says France and vice versa. If you are French, you must have a good knowledge into wine. It is likely that your blood type is A + Bordeaux or B – Burgundy.
What better way to reach French people as talking to them where they are most vulnerable: in the stomach?

We might want  to strike a chord and show to the french customers that we understand one of the deepest part of their culture. Meals to no end, animated discussions until the end of the night, Gerard Depardieu false airs of Cyrano de Bergerac’s tirades.

However, in France, the Communication on alcohol is very strictly regulated. Any representation of an alcohol should be particularly neutral. A bottle can not be associated with a festive, a happy moment. No bottle of wine on a table with smiling friends who share a drink. No bottle of beer to a drunken night out. Impossible, in France, to achieve « Wazzz Up Budweiser campaign ».
Similarly, modes of diffusion campaigns are very strictly controlled: inability to communicate on television, to communicate on the radio on Wednesday as well as from 17 hours; children with no school at that time could hear the radio spots.
The rules are clear and particularly strict. Advertisers must regularly remove their campaigns or pay fines. This means being particularly vigilant and being accompanied by winemakers advertising.