Jobtitel Bingo | Kai Martin Ruck

Developing creative concepts is teamwork!

In our new round of Jobtitles Bingo, Kai Martin Ruck explains to us in detail how he, as Client Service Director Asset Production, ensures that things run smoothly in the production of assets, what a typical day at work looks like for him, and why his job can be compared to an energy drink.

Job profiles at Serviceplan Group

Who does new client acquisition for Mediaplus? And what exactly do our colleagues when it comes to acquiring new clients? Susanne Kiefl and Larissa Staadtlich provide us with interesting insights into their jobs as New Business & Marketing Managers and tell us how their day-to-day work resembles a barraquito.

Check out our new episode of Jobtitles Bingo and learn more about the exciting day-to-day life as a New Business & Marketing Manager at Mediaplus.

Job profiles at Serviceplan Group

Let’s play another round of Jobtitles Bingo! Our colleague Markus Kral from Plan.Net reveals why a Data Engineer sits at a computer much less than one would expect and what his job has to do with a so-called “Herrengedeck”, a beer in combination with a shot.

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Job profiles at Serviceplan Group

It’s time for another one of our new Job Title Bingo videos! In today’s clip, our colleague Julia, a consultant at Facit Research, tells us what a Market Researcher does and how to become one.

She also tells us what’s in a mojito…

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Job profiles at Serviceplan

We’re playing job title bingo! In our brand new video interviews we tell you what our colleagues do and what is behind their partly very interesting job titles. Because with over 80 job descriptions in our agency group, you can lose track of what’s going on.

Click right in and find out what Georg does as Copywriter at Serviceplan Campaign X besides writing texts!

Kristina Kipp is Content Marketing Consultant and Mario Dorozalla Content Marketing Manager at Serviceplan PR & Content in Berlin. Their job is to use smart storytelling to bring a product or service to the attention of consumers. The interesting thing about this is that the target group might not even be aware of it today. But they will be tomorrow.

With a professional user experience strategy, established findings regarding user expectations, perception and behaviour can be channelled into ensuring smooth and therefore satisfying experiences that encourage users to come back for more. We probed our expert – Mathias Becker, Director Experience Strategy at Plan.Net UX – extensively about this topic.

Media Planners are the specialits to bring advertising into the media by choosing exactly the right format and media to make the biggest impact possible. Get to know our our colleagues Kai Löser and Kerstin Weiß from Mediaplus in part six of our Jobtitles Bingo series.

Get to know Ursi Jäger and Helen Birke who are giving some exciting insights about her job as Online Concept Designer at Plan.Net Pulse. Learn more about part 4 of our series Jobtitles Bingo now!