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Seven social and economic trends in China

On June 27th 2017 I have given a speech at the „International Roadshow 2017: China Insights“ to German enterprises in Munich with the title „The Future is Now“. I have shared some current social and economic happenings in China that are influencing the future, including consumption upgrade, sharing economy, live stream, and cash-free lifestyle, at the same time I have unveiled some business and marketing potentials embarked behind.

The future is now

I met Jørg our CFO in the lift. He raised his eye-brow, looked at me who was holding a handful of packages from Taobao, asking sarcastically “what did you buy again?”  I shamefully couldn’t answer, because I had already forgotten. Every night before I go to sleep, I will browse on Taobao or JingDong as […]

A Day of Sharing Proofs: The Ultimate Freedom and Happiness are within Reach

“When there is no attachment, there is freedom.” This mantra tells us that true freedom and happiness will come naturally if we don’t place all our hopes in external development and material possession. This defines us as human beings instead of material beings. The development of “sharing economy” backboned by the leapfrogging adaption of new […]