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Millennials in the Middle East are mostly ignored!

At the “International Roadshow: Middle East Insights” in the House of Communication in Munich Rami Hmadeh, Managing Partner Serviceplan Middle East, talked about several trends and characteristics of the region. One of the aspects he talked about was how to adress the millennials. He specifies these thoughts in this article.

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Trends 2017 from the Middle East

TECHUCATION THANKS TO AR & VR Technology and education is on the rise, with companies like IBM and Apple working hand in hand to release Watson Element in a bid to help teachers gain insights into individual learning behaviors. In Dubai, the vision of Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum to provide “NEW GENERATIONS with […]

On integration we will stand

At Serviceplan Middle East, we’ve always counted on clients to recognize the fine line between defragmented and consolidated services as we stood our ground pro-integration. Here we share our successes and some hard lessons learned along the way. A decade and a half ago, network agencies initiated the epic move towards specialization, marking the exodus […]

Industry Trends 2014 from Serviceplan Middle East

In 2013,  we saw the development of cloud-sourced data into digital campaigns, the integration of Facebook into interconnected #realtime status messages, and most importantly the introduction of the mini video. 2014 should not only see further evolutions on these trends, but more consumer-shaped campaigns, guilt free spending, and more data-oriented creativity on the part of […]

On the road #5: Dubai (2)

In my constant travels to Europe, especially those involving work, I am often met by a unanimous question, or expression, or exclamation of wonder, delight and curiosity. “Wow, you are from Dubai?” Often said with excitement, it has always been my kind of warm welcome from new acquaintances, no fail! Time and again, it signals […]