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Virtual is real

Mohamad Jawhar, Executive Creative Director of Serviceplan Group Middle East, shares his views on the application of Virtual Reality and how the technology can be positively harnessed by creative marketers for highly effective campaigns.

You won’t need a turtleneck to be creative

We often ask our self the question, where do good ideas come from? and we seem to be sure that a great idea is born in a single incident, Eureka! .. like Newton’s apple. Moreover, we think creative ideas come from the selected few, guys with turtleneck sweaters and rounded glasses, or it has to […]

The power of humour

Have you ever been in a meeting that was so boring that you fell asleep and started dreaming about happiness and milk shakes, only to be woken up by the horrible reality of you being stuck in a room with a guy reading slides to you? The problem with people is that they are so […]