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Voice Interfaces – Looking to the Future

The current functionality of voice interfaces is far from optimal. Vocabulary is misunderstood and complete sentences are misinterpreted. In addition, there are many development limitations with the common interfaces. What needs to be improved technologically in order to achieve a higher acceptance on the part of humans?

Voice Interfaces – The three biggest challenges

As with every trend, many see voice interfaces as a magic bullet. Yet their application is not relevant to every situation. So, for which services do they offer a genuine incremental value? What characterises a good dialogue and how do we guarantee that a customer’s data is handled securely? Let us show you what you should be paying attention to.

Voice Interfaces – The Here and Now

Until the release of Amazon’s Echo aka Alexa, the big players worked on their voice technologies with little attention. Meanwhile there are many more variants, but which are the best known and which voice interface is the most suitable?

Voice Interfaces – A Trend with History

Until 2015, voice interfaces were perceived by most as a nice gimmick limited to smartphones and navigation systems. But with Amazon Echo, this technology came into the living rooms of many consumers around the world virtually overnight. Amazon reserves the right to publish the exact sales figures and has not yet published any further details, but according to the news portal Business Insider, 2.4 million Amazon echoes were sold worldwide in 2015. In 2016, sales rose to 5.2 million. As a result, Apple rediscovered Siri, which had been neglected until then, and announced in June 2017, after six years of silence about the speech recognition program, a very special device for it: the HomePod. Other companies were also forced to follow this trend, but knew little about it.

Fundamentals for programming Amazon Echo Show

The new Echo Show is a result from Amazon’s learnings, designed to overcome the problems and obstacles faced by all voice interfaces when it comes to communicating information. Echo Show compensates for the limitations of communicating information via a voice Interface with a classic display. A no-interface device is thus transformed into a full service […]