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My trend 2019: Microsoftization

The established stars of the digital economy Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google have a common problem: they lose their shine. Customers, employees and the stock market alike become disenchanted. Apple’s innovative powers fades. For many years, the latest model was a must-have. Today, the internet is full of posts on topics such as ‘Why I renounce the iPhone X – and reach for the iPhone 8 Plus’.

Offline is the new cool

Yes, this is already clear: artificial intelligence, virtual reality, wearables, the networking of everything with everything, Big Data. The hot topics of the past year will also shape 2018. But in my opinion, the “hottest shit” customary in the industry will also fuel a counter-trend: Offline will become the new cool in 2018. Previously, at […]

Pepsi: 5 reasons why the soft drinks giant ended up in hot water

Companies often feel the need to claim that their products will make everyone happy, young, slim or sexy. That’s why I actually quite like it when they decide to promote values such as non-violence, diversity and freedom instead. In an era in which rabble-rousers abound and entire nations are being barred entry to other countries, […]

Starbucks: The calculated shitstorm is the epitome of marketing

Imagine you were head of communications of the coffee house chain Starbucks. That you had a business card with important-sounding titles that would probably fill an A4 page and including buzzwords such as global communications, digital relations, storytelling and senior vice president. You have a very decent salary, unlimited access to the business’s admittedly good […]