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The Creative Exchange #4

Dear readers, Today this is the last post I, Godfrey Madwadri, am writing for you before I will return to my home country South Sudan next week. For the “final” of my internship I – quite fittingly – watched and joined the celebrations of the Champions League final on Saturday of last week. (Only the […]

The Creative Exchange #3

Hello my dear readers, Godfrey here. The creative intern from South Sudan. Today I am writing about the differences. Working in South Sudan is not easy. Although the people there officially live in peace, there are regions that suffer under continuous revolts and armed attacks. In many regions people are therefore traumatised and don’t trust […]

The Creative Exchange #2

Servus! Hello to everyone who is reading my blog. My name is Godfrey, the creative intern from South Sudan. As promised in my last blog entry I will now tell you more about my work at Serviceplan Campaign in Munich. It was quite a big change for me to switch from my one-man-company to an […]


The Creative Exchange #1

Servus! My name is Godfrey Madwadri and I’m 26 years old. I’m an artist and graphic designer from the town of Nimule in South Sudan, where I work in my own small scale design and advertising company. Currently, I’m at Serviceplan Campaign advertising agency in Munich for a 3 month internship to learn about advertising […]