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Are we still dreaming of electric sheep?

Over the past few weeks, as I reread the excellent book Supercade [1] published by MIT Press almost 20 years ago, I got to thinking about technology and our relationship with it… But first, if you haven’t read the book, here’s a bit of background about Supercade. This fully illustrated book is a potted history […]

5 ways to become a positive digital agency

When January comes around, it’s time to take stock and make resolutions. Time to look back at what has happened over the past few months, what trends there have been, what aspirations. Time to start making resolutions for the coming year and drawing up a to-do list of ways to build what you hope will be a brighter future.

As technology vanishes, black magic appears

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke came very close to predicting the future in one of his laws. He wrote that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” In today’s world, in which technological innovation seems to be moving forward at warp speed, the revered science fiction writer seems to be closer […]

Digital agency, design agency

We take a look back at over 20 years in the digital world and the players involved. Then most importantly, it’s time to focus our eyes on the road ahead, as digital agencies, and the challenges we will have to face. Action! The new Western It’s a tired metaphor. Way back in 1990, when American […]

The web page is dying, long live SEO.

When Google announced the dawn of the Age of Assistance [1] last spring, it certainly didn’t underestimate all the changes it would trigger.  Interaction with various technologies and interfaces means that the way we search for information on the Internet is being turned completely on its head. And along with it, the way we need […]