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Five marketing trends for the year 2017

Digitalisation has revolutionised the world of media and communication. Will there soon be a period of rest from it all? No, it’s going to continue racing on just like it has, since digitalisation – as a driving force – has brought about several exciting developments. These five trends will keep us on our toes in […]

Why many brands need to get to know their customers again

Honestly, would you believe any entrepreneur who boasted: “We know our customers better than ever, because of digitization! We have a huge database full of customer data which reveals their wishes. We fulfill these wishes immediately and make our customers happy – and they reward us for it with their purchasing power and strong loyalty”. […]

What brands should consider: 10 rules for content marketing

“Communication without content marketing has no future” Buzzword or not – the need for content is greater than ever. In these times of the Internet as a platform, the power is shifting to the consumer. It used to be the other way around. Today, I can simply click everything away or use Adblocker. The consequence: […]

Europe ensures the success of our brands

I will get straight to the point; I’m a big fan of the EU. It annoys me when economists complain about bureaucratic pettiness and sluggishness in Brussels and Strasbourg. Of course, there are many things to improve and one might well wonder about regulations such as 1677/88 / EEC, which dictates the degree of curvature […]

Our biggest challenge is the customer

Be honest – would you believe an entrepreneur who boasted to you: “We know our customers better than ever, thanks to digitalization and the Internet! You have given us a customer data paradise, which reveals customer demands which we can promptly meet. We make our customers happy – and they reward us with their purchasing […]

Why we believe in glocal communication solutions

What comes after globalisation? Let’s be honest, we are already living globally. Ever since the advent of historical long-distance trade, merchants have sold goods worldwide. After the industrial revolution, and at the latest after the last economic boom, our economies are now global. Exports in world trade have increased since 1950 from 58 billion to […]

A historic evening for brand Germany

Sunday evening was a historic one for brand Germany. First of all, of course, Germany took to the stage with its inspired and inspiring team. Young men who simply have a crazy amount of fun with the world’s most important triviality: football. It has always been said of German teams that they are efficient and […]