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The Inside Story x3: What do you MEME?

Memes are part of the Internet in the same way as food pictures are part of Instagram. Success Kid, Bad Luck Brian, That’d be great or Grumpy Cat are some of the best known memes out there and have had countless users laughing. At first glance, memes seem like trivial forms of modern online culture. But if you look again, many memes are really creative, pick up on current events and convey political opinions.

The inside story x 3: China’s social credit system

In the Western media, China’s social credit system is often compared with the Black Mirror episode “Nosedive” and called Orwell’s dystopia. On the basis of online search queries, shopping behaviour, education and criminal records, behaviour in social media and many other factors, every citizen is to be assessed according to a points system. If the three-digit score is too low, there are far-reaching consequences. Certain jobs are denied to you, the children do not come to good schools, you can no longer travel and get no credit. The image the Western press has of the social credit system sounds highly worrying. Fortunately, reality doesn’t look quite so dystopian.

Choose your own adventure stories are making a comeback

My childhood days are over and choose your own adventure stories have lost their popularity – or at least that’s what I thought! Recently, however, they have been cropping up again. And in digital form. And the best part is that these new story formats are not just for children.
Below is a summary of which channels these formats are available on and why they might be of particular interest for digital communication and therefore for corporate digital marketing.

The inside story x 3: Mobile Payment – contactless payment changes the digital shopping experience

In the series The inside story x 3, experts from the Plan.Net group regularly explain a current topic from the digital world from different perspectives. What does it mean for Granny, and for an agency colleague? And what does the customer – in other words, a company – get out of it?

While you often find signs saying “No cash, only cards” in shops and restaurants abroad, cash is still the most popular payment method in Germany. In many places, debit and credit cards are not accepted. Up until now, mobile payment has also been difficult in Germany, but that could change this year. With the launch of Google Pay in June and the planned launch of Apple Pay in September, the German market will finally be tapped. So it’s high time for retailers and marketers to consider the impact of mobile payment on the shopping experience.