Pooja Suvarna, Digital Media Manager at Mediaplus Middle East

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has come long way from deep learning by major advanced computer to image classification, to Chatbot. In recent years AI has been commonly used by people due to easy access and it is proven that AI can help us in lot ways from healthcare and manufacturing to marketing and finance.

All the industry across the globe is now moving towards adapting AI more and more for their business growth and development and we know AI will be the future and hence it is important for us as a brands and businesses to start adapting and utilizing AI more effectively.

How can we unlock the potential of AI in Digital Media?
Let’s look into four different ways of doing so:

1.Processing complex data 

In digital marketing we get access to a wealth of data such as insights, behaviors, and market trends of target audiences. At times, this data complexity can overwhelm individuals attempting to process. AI proves invaluable in efficiently and accurately analyzing intricate data. The insights derived can be utilized to maximize Return on Investment (ROI), identify optimal channel mixes, and pinpoint potential loopholes in our strategies.

Utilizing platforms such as Tableau to simplify complex data involves leveraging data from various sources, including existing campaigns and CRM systems. This data is then utilized to create personas, understand audience behaviors, and fine-tune campaign structures and with that, supports processing complex data.

2. Customized Experience 

Recognizing the uniqueness of each audience and their behaviors is paramount in digital marketing.  AI plays a crucial role in tailoring experiences for different target audiences, ensuring high relevance. AI assists in identifying online audience behavior and preferences, enabling the delivery of products or services that align with their interests. 

Technologies such as Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) dynamically deliver customized ads based on AI-driven insights, allowing precise targeting of audience needs. Additionally, conversational adspersonalize interactions with customers based on their interests and behaviors. 

3. Precise Targeting 

Leveraging AI to sift through complex data and understand audience interests empowers us to target digital campaigns more precisely. Technologies like Sequential Targeting, presenting a series of video ads in a specific order, and Contextual Targeting, reaching audiences while they engage with relevant content, ensure a strategic approach to advertising.

Sequential Targeting ensures a logical progression of video ads, while Contextual Targeting allows us to occupy the competitive space by placing our ads alongside content discussing rival brands.

4. Real-Time Learnings and Optimization 

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, making informed decisions during ongoing campaigns is crucial for achieving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on time. AI-driven analytics tools and dashboards providing real-time data are indispensable for digital marketers.

Using platforms like – Tableau or Google Studio Report for monitoring campaign data on daily basis. This will help us take crucial decisions at the right time basis the data presented from the report.

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, real-time decision-making is the key to achieving timely Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Here, AI-driven analytics tools and dashboards emerge as indispensable companions, offering a constant flow of real-time data. Platforms like Tableau and Google Studio Report become the lens through which we monitor campaign data on a daily basis, enabling us to make informed decisions based on curated AI-driven insights.

In essence, the integration of AI into our digital strategies is not just a choice; it is the catalyst that propels us into a realm of unparalleled precision, relevance, and efficiency. As we embrace this transformative technology, the message is clear: the time is now to harness the power of AI and elevate our digital marketing endeavors to new heights.