2019 is already knocking on the door – new year, new trends. At the end of the year, we asked the Serviceplan Group experts about their personal trends for 2019. What’s coming next alongside influencer marketing, new work and sustainability? The communication professionals give their verdict here. Happy reading!

Admittedly, this trend will not only begin to emerge next year – however, in the incessant flood of information, effective and tailored targeting remains more relevant than ever for me. In order to reach customers accurately, it is no longer enough to only work with socio-demographic factors that do not take human behaviour into account and are not selective. The purchase decision not only depends on age or gender, but on values that are important to a person and with which they associate a product or environment.

If you factor in these values and the resulting motives for customer actions, new possibilities arise – and this is where psychographic targeting comes in. With this method, we at Mediaplus identify the most important motives for action (power, performance and connection) and include them in media planning. This can significantly increase the advertisers’ ROI and succeeds in addressing customers in both an individual and targeted manner.


This article is part of the Trends 2019 series of the Serviceplan Group.

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