Oliver Grüttemeier

Managing Director, Serviceplan Cologne


2019 is already knocking on the door – new year, new trends. At the end of the year, we asked the Serviceplan Group experts about their personal trends for 2019. What’s coming next alongside influencer marketing, new work and sustainability? The communication professionals give their verdict here. Happy reading!

In 2019, everything is about lived flexibility. It’s about the willingness to adjust in terms of attitudes, life models, goals. Managers need to recognise that needs are becoming more fragmented, not just for customers, but for their own employees in particular. Different generations have different needs: performance-orientated remuneration or fixed salary? New work, home office or the good old assigned desk? Work-life separation and fixed structures or a preference for complete freedom?

If these questions can be answered individually, a culture of values that unites everyone can be consciously created – a culture that radiates from the inside out and creates an identification space. Only then do strong brands fulfil their main task – and bring everyone together under one roof.


This article is part of the Trends 2019 series of the Serviceplan Group.

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