Javier Ruiz

Head of Digital, Publips Serviceplan


2019 is already knocking on the door – new year, new trends. At the end of the year, we asked the Serviceplan Group experts about their personal trends for 2019. What’s coming next alongside influencer marketing, new work and sustainability? The communication professionals give their verdict here. Happy reading!

When we talk about putting the consumer first, who are we thinking about? About figures from a PowerPoint presentation based on statistics and studies or about real people? No matter how hard we try, no pre-test can be as reliable as asking your mum whether she understands the campaign. If we want people to buy a certain product, there is no longer any use in explaining what makes it special or in striking a note that appeals to emotions.

We must tell them how this product will make their lives easier, speaking their language and taking real peoples’ insights into account. And since everyone is different, we will have to create a variety of messages that go much deeper than an A/B test. The automatization of messages and creativity – thanks to user data and artificial intelligence – will allow us to launch multiple creative pieces to hyper-segmented audiences, measure results and optimise processes along the way. Thus, even my mum could receive a message that is adapted to her needs and emotions. And perhaps, with a little luck, she’ll understand a little bit better what I am doing.


This article is part of the Trends 2019 series of the Serviceplan Group.

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