Isabel Lopez

Digital Director, Publips Serviceplan Spain


2017 was a boom for live temporary video users, thanks to Facebook Live, Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories. 2018 is looking to be the year of the temporary video for brands. It is no longer necessary to invest in large productions, these formats have more real, spontaneous and live content. This, together with the surge in influencers, means that brands don’t even need to create the content: it is the third parties who generate it, with the relevance that users demand and the brand only needing to manage promotion. On Instagram we are already seeing this type of strategy in that brands promote influencers’ posts in which their products are featured.

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and digital twins

Although these three terms are nothing new, 2018 is looking to be a year of progress in this sense. The evolution of artificial intelligence so that machines learn and “make decisions” will be relevant for certain business models. With the rise in machine learning within the industry, the processes are increasingly efficient, there is an increase in quality and the productivity of some businesses since they are able to “control” faults within virtual environments.

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