Yes, this is already clear: artificial intelligence, virtual reality, wearables, the networking of everything with everything, Big Data. The hot topics of the past year will also shape 2018. But in my opinion, the “hottest shit” customary in the industry will also fuel a counter-trend: Offline will become the new cool in 2018.

Previously, at parties, people announced they had spent a full six weeks a year at their Majorca villa. In 2018, the person who can say he misplaced his smartphone three days ago and hasn’t noticed yet will be envied. Leadership in 2018 will be shown by those who delete all cc emails unread. Instead of talking about the engine power or the tyres of a new 4×4, we will rave about how great it feels not to leave a trace in the social networks for four weeks. And anyone who enters their appointments into a notebook by hand while colleagues continue to mess up the day of Outlook appointments will be really cool. Somehow I’m looking forward to 2018.

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