Oliver Grüttemeier

Managing Director, Serviceplan Cologne


Digitisation has undoubtedly created great new opportunities in recent years. Opportunities that have brought us closer to our customers and that help us tailor our products and services even more closely to them. Yet even though we can now calculate every marketing campaign and every sales figure down to the smallest detail, one thing should not fall by the wayside: our intuition.

Because as colourful and diverse as our beautiful new world may be, mankind has basically remained who we always were: a sentient, empathetic being who longs for real contacts, wants to understand and be understood, who questions and participates and who still trusts in his very own – completely analogous – instincts: feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling.

For 2018, the challenge is to combine the many opportunities of the digital with our empathic and intuitive capabilities – and to get the best out of both worlds, both for the customer and for our own employees.

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