Vasiliy Tanasiychuk

Executive Creative Director, Serviceplan Ukraine


Ukrainian marketing is increasingly integrating into the global market. Therefore, in 2018 we will see different adaptations and interpretations of global communication trends at local level.

First, Big Data. Personal data is becoming an increasingly promising platform for transactions between brands and consumers in Ukraine. The coming year will increase the number of Big Data supporters among local market players.

The trend of personalized content will also continue its rise. During the last years Ukrainian business has been increasingly using advantages of direct online dialog with its consumers.

Smartphonization is one of the reasons why video on the go is becoming more and more popular. In 2018 online video content will remain preferable and influential communication channel for Ukrainian brands.

In the upcoming year Ukrainians will go on ignoring offline and online advertising successfully. The reply for this stable tendency will be native advertising that will focus on search for the most sophisticated ways of integration into popular media content.

Niche bloggers will play the increasing role in communications in 2018. Being opinion leaders for narrow online audiences, they can effectively use all advantages of personalized content and online video.

Also the increasing role of corporate blogs in marketing communications should be mentioned. An opportunity to communicate with consumers directly and to respond to changes in consumer demand quickly is an instrument that Ukrainian brands only begin to fully benefit from.

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