Jaya Prasad

Jaya Prasad

General Manager, Serviceplan India


A hot cup of coffee brewing in the early morning is the best aroma to wake you up, from a gruelling yesterday! But if you are working for a start-up company, your morning never arrives because your day did not end. It was just the clock ticking that glided you into yet another day! Yes, running a start-up is not just challenging but extremely taxing. Since there is a plethora of newbies everywhere, the market is buzzing with start-up success stories.

So far, it is my third attempt to run a new company from scratch successfully. Honestly, this journey did have days of highs and lows. However, here are few tips for anyone thinking about doing a start up in the near future:

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Plan your day a week in advance. You don’t need to be the MD of the company, but you must always put yourself in his/her shoes to be a part of this journey.

ii /

Select your team members carefully. People who are equally enthusiastic and willing to take risks at the drop of a hat just like you. Never hurry a decision, as these will be people, who will lay a strong foundation for your company.

iii / 

Budget every small expenditure and think twice before increasing it. Try to keep your costs low to ensure profitability.

iv / 

Never over promise in your forecast sheet with a lengthy list of clients.

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Each day means putting in extra effort in your company to be successful.

vi /  

Contact even the deadest leads, you never know what can bring change in your fortune.

vii /  

Do not waste your time with clients who are dilly dallying your proposal over a month! It means you just tried your best and they definitely do not want to do business with you.

viii /  

Maintain a checklist for yourself every day.

ix /  

Celebrate every victory, however big or small it might be.

x /  

Take your team for a lunch or dinner whenever it is most suiting.

xi /  

Never be disappointed if you have not tried enough, as success is definitely not in your hands.

xii /

Encourage every member of your team to do the best, congratulate them on every occasion they deliver.

xiii /

Be social, meet more and more people and attend events that increases your avenues for better networking.

xiv /  

Deliver quality work and live up to your commitment.


In the end, success or failure is just another ladder. If you succeed you have done your numbers right and you can achieve even higher. But, if you have failed you have learnt a lot from just one experience and that is a knowledge which is a treasure for your future growth.