A historic evening for brand Germany

Sunday evening was a historic one for brand Germany. First of all, of course, Germany took to the stage with its inspired and inspiring team. Young men who simply have a crazy amount of fun with the world’s most important triviality: football. It has always been said of German teams that they are efficient and combative. All of a sudden, however, such “un-German” virtues like creativity and ease of touch have been added. Germany also showed itself to be a cosmopolitan country. Half of our team have a migrant background. And the remarkable thing about it: No one finds it remarkable. The coexistence of a variety of backgrounds is part of day-to-day life in Germany. And last but not least, the fans showed their best side. Millions of German fans celebrated their country’s victory together in a way that was jovial, frenetic and peaceful. Where fans gathered in urban public spaces, a sea of black, red and gold flags, car parades and fans with Germany flags on their faces could be seen. And all that without so much as a hint of nationalistic arrogance or ulterior motives, but simply in a manner that was cheerful and at ease with one’s self. In view of our country’s recent past, that is not a given, but an achievement of the last 20 years. The final was therefore the best business card possible worldwide for brand Germany.