More interactive television campaigns

The second screen:
Use shows that consumers when they are in front of a TV program regularly have a second screen nearby (smartphone or tablet).  It therefore appears logical to exploit this practice to offer new experiences with particular call to action offered on television campaigns, even enrichment campaigns on second screens. Related to this aspect, we must also consider the arrival of the connected TV as a mass.

Connected TV:
The price of these TVs has declined since their introduction on the market and becomes accessible. Connected, the TV also becomes transmitter, moreover, can ultimately think that these TVs will also interface consultations internet sites , applications, thanks to a connection with smartphones or tablets ( the remote control is a actually blocking element in the navigation) .  It will then be possible to provide advertisements flows leaning back on the profiles of the people in question and thus better target campaigns. It is also conceivable that these TVs can detect the presence of devices and thus see who the people present in the household (family, friends, etc…) and so finely tuned to the proposed campaigns. Similarly, it will be possible to make even more interactive ads with eg call to action , but also enhancements in connection with the dual screen technology .

A world of Data

Predictive web that anticipates the needs:
Through analysis of previous visits, and overall operation of a finer personal data (including via the Big Data), Webs portals can implement solutions anticipating the envy users with adaptations of content (texts and products) depending on the user’s profile but also on the season and the hours: for example, a very cold day, we will highlight a recipe site, revenue related to the temperature, same thing in the clothing sector. In the same manner, the contents are viewed from a different time in the other, it is possible to highlight certain features depending on the time of day.

Big Data analysis:
In 2014, work on big data will continue to be refined with a share of algorithmic models more relevant to extract faster and more finely behavioral tendencies. Indeed, if recent years, work has been conducted on semi structured data, it will arrive in 2014/2015 to better structure and thus of much finer opportunity for exploitation include:
– To identify weak signals when to emergence of behavior
– The societal and behavioral trends.
– And to isolate customer profiles which are not identify

My Data:
And if everyone became owner of his personal data? Currently, it is so far mainly collected through websites, mobile applications etc., which, in consideration of services provided to users, use the data from these users to sell their advertisements.
With the context of:
–    distrust of data privacy (users do not see the prints they leave, they do not mastered them and the recent NSA’s scandal)
–    an additional source of income in a context of “economic crisis” will inevitably be seen as a good thing
–    the willingness of advertisers to better target their campaigns
It seems appropriate to suggest that personal data can be managed and sold by the end users themselves with brands.
In addition, by becoming the owner of the data, the sellers could, for the purpose of maximizing their profits, bring other non-traceable now , but also more comprehensive data and fines which will have some better target advertising campaigns .
We can envisage the creation of market place or that brands offer themselves these platforms market in exchange for money or benefit products for example.

New technology drives new campaign opportunities

Connected objects
Connected objects: These items will be increasingly present and can be used as effective media for brands, either as a transmitter of information or as receivers. We can already see things like connected glasses or watches, but eventually many everyday objects can be. Example of connected luggage developed by Airbus which could for example be used to Lufthansa to provide VIP service or create interactions with their users.

The arrival of 4G
2014 see the arrival of 4G allowing to provide a much larger bandwidth on the wireless network. This advanced technology will deliver content richer functionality, even on the move. Can consider including richer media campaigns, with the advent of movies such media campaigns, whereas now we were relatively limited.
We can put this advanced technology with 4K video that too, thanks to a better image quality and support including 3D, enrich video content available to consumers and improve their experiences.