Dear readers,

Today this is the last post I, Godfrey Madwadri, am writing for you before I will return to my home country South Sudan next week.

For the “final” of my internship I – quite fittingly – watched and joined the celebrations of the Champions League final on Saturday of last week. (Only the FC Bayern!!) Therefore today I want to write about football and fans in Germany and in my home country.

Generally one can say that almost everyone in South Sudan loves football. Many children play football as soon as they can walk. The most famous clubs are: Rainbow FC, Atlabara FC and Muniki FC. The best players: James Moga and Richard Justin.
Because South Sudan is such a young country, the national team and the support of young talent are still in an early development phase: The national team has only played four matches (the best with a result of 1:0 vs. Ethiopia) and is on place 200 of the FIFA rankings. The promotion of young talent is also not very developed yet, due to the overall economic situation. (Especially compared to Germany.)

But when it comes to celebrating I think we are in the lead: Every national match is a huge party. We dance, we sing, make music, slaughter a bull and drink beer.
Nobody is able to afford a real jersey of his favourite player, so we draw one for ourselves. Or we change our nickname to that of the player. Godfrey Muga Madwadri.
Since I’ve arrived in Germany I’ve become a huge fan of FC Bayern. I watched almost every match, went to the stadium and joined the champions’ party and the Champions League party on Marienplatz. My new nickname is therefore Godfrey Mario Madwadri. (I am a fan of Mario Gomez!)

Next week it is already time for me to fly back home to South Sudan. I wish I could stay longer – I’ve had the best time of my life here! I will do everything to be able to come back. And I wish my readers all the best!!

So long