Hello my dear readers, Godfrey here. The creative intern from South Sudan.

Today I am writing about the differences. Working in South Sudan is not easy. Although the people there officially live in peace, there are regions that suffer under continuous revolts and armed attacks. In many regions people are therefore traumatised and don’t trust any strangers. Not even South Sudanese people from other regions. And that’s why they prefer hiring members of their clan from their region. Which makes finding employment in South Sudan very difficult.

The number of small businesses, for example amongst private people, is increasing enormously at the moment. But unfortunately this is very uncertain in many respects. You have to be lucky enough to be having to pay the correct amount of tax. And also, having to pay it only once. That makes business very unpredictable. In addition many politicians or state employees lack sufficient qualification and training for their job, but remain in office due to their ethnicity or because they belong to a certain clan.

Getting a job is more like a coincidence. Plus, the quality and the focus of training are very much dependent on the people who work there. Advertising is still in its infancy in our country, but companies take it very seriously. They have realised that they sell less or nothing without advertising. In addition advertising is very important for the image – because we still have very young brands, and even brands that are well-known abroad must build their reputation first.

The strongest drivers of advertising are telecommunications companies such as Viva Cell, Zain and MTN. Banks advertise a lot as well – for example KCB Equity Bank and Charter Bank. Other large advertisers are logistics, humanitarian, health and educational companies.
The most commonly used media are newspapers, TV ads, posters and radio. In their advertising the companies focus on communicating to customers where, when and how they can get the product. Usually with information on prices/costs.

Compared to Germany our advertising is more direct. Internet does not play a big role yet either because it is predominantly available in the cities only. And even there power outages are the daily norm. That’s why I find it so fascinating that everyone in Germany can be online anytime and anywhere. Whether at the computer in the office or on the mobile in the park. That is great, but also dangerous. Because it is very tempting to spend too much time on the internet. For example on facebook.

That’s it for this week, best wishes and Servus!