My name is Godfrey Madwadri and I’m 26 years old. I’m an artist and graphic designer from the town of Nimule in South Sudan, where I work in my own small scale design and advertising company.

Currently, I’m at Serviceplan Campaign advertising agency in Munich for a 3 month internship to learn about advertising and ways to improve my business.

Everything started a year ago with Mrs. Anne-Felicitas Görtz who came to my country to talk to me about my business and to publish an article about it in the German magazine „Brand Eins“. From this article Mr. Oliver Palmer from Serviceplan found out about me and invited me to come to Germany for an internship at Serviceplan.

I arrived one month ago and so far, it has been a very interesting experience. It was not easy in the beginning, especially the cold weather, meeting a lot of people and learning about this new culture, but now with time and the help and hospitality from the Serviceplan people, I’m truly feeling at home. Workwise, I have worked on different clients already, designing logos and thinking about creative ideas and also worked on my own artworks. In my free time I went around Munich (Starkbierfest!), as you can see in the pictures, and watched the FC Bayern football matches. Easy to say, I am already a big fan and hope they will succeed in the Champions League!

This is just to introduce myself. In the following weeks, I will continue to write more about myself, my experiences here and also tell you about my homecountry of South Sudan (one of the youngest countries in the world which was founded on 9 July 2011).

I’m interested in your questions!